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Welcome to the United States (U.S.) Department of the Navy (Navy) official website for the Military Readiness Activities at Fallon Range Training Complex Environmental Impact Statement (hereafter referred to as the FRTC EIS). This website is intended to provide the public and other interested entities with an understanding of the Navy’s proposal, the environmental resources to be reviewed in the FRTC EIS, the importance of accommodating required training levels and maintaining of military readiness, and details on how the public can be involved in the National Environmental Policy Act process. In addition, this website contains information on how the Navy is employing protective measures to reduce environmental effects from military training and testing activities.

Fallon Range Training Complex Study Area

Download Fallon Range Training Complex Study Area Map

The FRTC is a set of well defined geographic areas in the high desert of northern Nevada encompassing multiple airspaces, land range areas, and electronic systems used primarily for training operations. The FRTC serves as the premier regional training range complex for a variety of military units and military training activities, including Pacific Fleet forces conducting unit level, integrated, and sustainment phases of strike and air warfare training exercises. Research, Development, Acquisition, Test, and Evaluation activities are also supported provided they do not conflict with the FRTC’s primary mission.

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Record of Decision
The Record of Decision for the Final EIS was signed on February 26, 2016.
View the Record of Decison

Notice of Availability
The Notice of Availability for the Final EIS was published in the Federal register on December 4, 2015.
View the Notice of Availability

Final EIS Available
The Final EIS has been released to the public. In the Final EIS, the Navy has made changes to the Draft EIS based on comments received during the public comment period for the Draft EIS. These changes included factual corrections, additions to existing information, and improvements or modifications to the analyses in the Draft EIS. Issuance of this Final EIS is followed by a 30-day wait period and public review period. Following this wait period and review of the administrative record, a Record of Decision will be signed by the Secretary of the Navy or designee.
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